There is more to cleaning your glasses than a quick wipe against your t-shirt. Skin, sebum, sweat, skincare products, and makeup quickly build up to make frames look dull, smudged, and grimy. Here is a deep cleaning routine that you can do at home to get your frames sparkling clean and looking like new:

  • Wash glasses using warm water and a little washing-up liquid or gentle hand wash. Use your fingers to work the soapy liquid all over the lenses and frame.
  • To reach the dirt that accumulates between the lenses and frames, you can pop the lenses out of the frame and wash each part separately - only attempt this step if you know what you are doing and are confident you can fit the lenses back in!
  • Refrain from using a brush or abrasive cloth because they can scratch the frame and lenses.
  • Rinse the glasses in clean water and either leave them to drip dry on a clean surface or use a microfibre cloth to mop up any drops of water. Avoid using towels or tissue paper because these will leave fibres on your glasses.
  • Adjustable nose pads can be a little more fiddly to clean, particularly the outer side i.e. the side which does not touch your nose and is usually attached to a metal arm. Take a damp microfibre cloth and carefully slide it around the base of the pad arm, where it joins to the nose pad, and use a gentle seesaw motion to move the cloth back and forth over the pad. You will be amazed at how much dirt accumulates here! Be sure to wash the cloth afterward - it will definitely need it.
  • Once dry, give the glasses a polish all over with a dry microfibre cloth.

We recommend cleaning your glasses at least once a week but, as a minimum, once a month.

Alternatively, most opticians will offer a deep clean service for little to no cost - this is particularly helpful if you cannot remove and replace the lenses yourself. Opticians use ultrasonic cleaners to remove dirt from even the tiniest crevice.

BONUS TIP: Microfibre cloths are your glasses' best friend but they also need to be washed regularly. Either machine or hand wash them with regular detergent - do not use a detergent with softener included or a separate fabric softener. The softening agents will clog the microfibres causing the cloth to lose its absorbency. A clogged cloth will simply move smears around your lenses and not actually clean them away.

For more tips on how to keep your frames in the best condition, read our post about the 5 bad habits that damage glasses.

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