Barbie wearing blue sunglasses

With the highly anticipated Barbie film finally in cinemas, there is no denying the iconic American doll's enduring influence on fashion, beauty, and popular culture. Launched in 1959, Barbie's style has remained consistently retro, polished, and a celebration of all things pink and sparkly. Barbiecore, the eponymous fashion trend that came to prominence last year, celebrates every facet of the world of Barbie: vintage silhouettes, playful patterns, and the full spectrum of colour from monochrome to neon brights. In short, anything goes as long as it is in the vibrant spirit of the doll.

With summer in full swing, there is no better time to embrace bold colour and playful silhouettes in your choice of eyewear. We have rounded up our top Barbiecore sunglasses for when you feel like getting dolled up.

NYBK | Glen Cove M33 PK Rose Gold Sunglasses

What is better than looking at the world through rose-tinted sunglasses? We say wearing rose gold frames. This pink-on-pink delight is big on colour but simple in design - just try to resist its charm.

YMC X Bridges & Brows | Adam Black Sunglasses

A bold, retro silhouette combined with candy-coloured lenses delivers on Barbiecore statement style. Channel your inner Rock Star Barbie with these vintage-inspired shades.

NYBK | Elmira M33 PGM Rose Gold Sunglasses

Try these rose-gold frames with retro brown-tinted lenses for a subtle nod to the Barbiecore trend. From the beach to the city, these sunglasses look good for whatever you have planned for the day.


YMC X Bridges & Brows | Suzy Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

The ultimate Barbie silhouette in eyewear. These angular cat-eye sunglasses are crafted from a suitably feline tortoiseshell acetate.


YMC X Bridges & Brows | Rosie Black Sunglasses

Something about classic black shades with a subtle upsweep embodies Barbie’s timeless, feminine glamour. These go-with-anything sunglasses will be the style you reach for again and again.


Playing dress-up has never been more appealing, so why not take inspiration from Barbie for your next sunglasses purchase?

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