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Most eyewear style guides will tell you that your face shape determines which shape glasses and sunglasses will suit you. TL;DR: the typical advice is to choose frame shapes that de-emphasise your face shape i.e. angular frames for round faces, round frames for angular faces, etc.

These kinds of style rules are somewhat arbitrary and, rather aptly, prescriptive. Limiting yourself to one frame shape, material, or colour will only make finding frames that suit you more difficult. 

It is important to note that prescription glasses and sunglasses are medical devices and not simply accessories, so as long as they fulfil the function of improving your vision, wear what you like and makes you feel good.

Choosing glasses and sunglasses can be difficult if you do not know what you are looking for. We have rounded up the top five style tips to help you find your perfect frames more easily.

1. For a classic, understated look, the top of the frame should skim just below your eyebrows

If the top of the frame covers or goes above your eyebrows, this will give a bolder, quirkier look - think Iris Apfel and Elton John, with their shared love of oversize glasses.

2. The bottom of the frame should sit roughly at cheekbone level

For your comfort, you do not want the bottom of the frame to touch your cheeks because this will leave indentations and cause pain. Make sure to smile when trying on glasses and sunglasses to see if your cheeks push up against the bottom of the frame - you want to avoid this too.

3. Your eyes should sit as close to the centre of the lens as possible

No part of the frame should obstruct your vision, something that can happen if your frames sit too low on your face. Proper alignment of your eyes with the lens centre ensures better vision correction and prevents unnecessary strain on your eyes.

4. The total width of the frame front should be approximately the same width as your face

That is, unless you want to make a statement design choice, in which case, embrace those oversize silhouettes (we're thinking about Iris Apfel and Elton John again!).

Bear in mind that the temples (or arms) of the frame should extend straight back from the frame front to your ears, only touching the side of your head just before the temple meets your ear. If the frames are too wide, the glasses will feel loose; too narrow and the temples will strain over the sides of your face, which neither looks nor feels good.

5. Do not prioritise style over fit and comfort

The ideal pair of frames will have the perfect balance of style, fit, and comfort. While fashionable glasses can enhance your look, it's crucial that they sit properly on your face and feel comfortable to wear.

You can discover more with our comprehensive size guide and previous journal post about all things fit.

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