A well-made pair of glasses or sunglasses should last for years, if not a lifetime. However, many people end up replacing frames and lenses simply by not looking after them properly. We have rounded up the five most common bad habits that cause damage to frames - avoid these and enjoy your glasses for many more years to come.

1. Putting glasses on top of your head

Pushing glasses on top of your head stretches out the temples (also called arms) of your frames, causing the screws in the hinges to become loose. This stretching means that the overall fit of your glasses will be looser, resulting in frames that slide down your nose and need constant readjustment. Over time, temples can break off from the frame altogether.

Moreover, glasses atop a head are likely to fall off, causing damage to both the frames and the lenses. In the unfortunate event of breakage or scratches to the frame, investigate whether it can be repaired first - many optical retailers and specialist repair workshops offer this service both in stores and online.

2. Leaving glasses in unsuitable places

Leaving your glasses on the sofa only for someone (you? 🤦🏽 ) to then sit on them is an easy yet costly mistake. It may not be as obvious, but you should also take care not to leave them somewhere hot or close to a heat source, for example, in a hot car, next to a radiator, etc. Being exposed to heat for an extended period can distort the frame.

Fortunately, this distortion can be easily rectified by manipulating the frame back into its original form - only attempt this if you know what you are doing, otherwise, defer to a reputable optician.

3. Not using a glasses case

How many of us throw our glasses case to the back of a drawer, never to be seen again? If this is you, it is time to dig it out, particularly if you are guilty of putting your glasses directly into your bag or pocket. 

The case protects your frames from knocks or scrapes and prevents dust and dirt from settling into hard-to-clean nooks and crannies. As most cases usually contain a microfibre cloth, it is also useful to have this to hand so you can clean the lenses properly (see point 5).

4. Taking glasses off with one hand

Another not-so-obvious bad habit is pulling your glasses off by one temple (or arm) with one hand. This manoeuvre will stretch out that temple, damaging the hinge and causing your glasses to become misaligned and loose. Loose frames are more likely to fall off your face and become damaged even further.

To protect the fit of your glasses, remove them with both hands; one on each temple in one, even movement.

5. Wiping lenses with clothes

For most people, cleaning glasses equates to a quick wipe of the lenses against clothing. Depending on what you are wearing, the material of your clothes may actually deposit fibres and dust onto the lenses and, in some cases, even scratch them. For daily cleaning, the best thing you can use is a microfibre cloth - don't forget to wipe down the frame too.

For a detailed guide on how to keep your frames and lenses pristine, see our blog post on deep cleaning your glasses at home.

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